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The wonderful book of 'PARIS COCKTAILS' to get you in the festive spirit

Paris could do with a little tlc right now, and what better way than by drinking cocktails. Lots of Parisian-inspired cocktails! This beautiful little 'Paris Cocktails' book is not only full of a vast array of tantalising, tastebud-tingling recipes, but is the kind of book you want to have on display, adorning your coffee table and teasing your guests. As you can see, my cat  even enjoys a good cocktail peruse! Doni Belau made it her fabulous mission to scour the bars of Paris, sampling umpteen different cocktails (and no doubt the odd sore head!) in order to create this cocktail masterpiece. It even has useful cocktail party suggestions which is a great idea, as they were all the rage back in the 70's, but I don't think there are enough people hosting cocktail parties these days. Anyway, I am the proud owner of this book and after a lot of serious studying and a spot of recipe sampling, I have concluded that Miss Immy's Top 5 Cocktail shortlist from the book (in no particular order) are:

1. Rose Cosmo (a rose-tinted version of the classic)
2. Park Hyatt Purple Mojito (I love a Mojito, but a purple, blackberry-infused one is a winner)
3. Serendipiti (Apple, mint and Champers - what's not to like)
4. Choco Peat (For all fellow chocoholics, this one's for you)
5. Cranberry Sparkler (refreshing, festive and sparkly)

Give someone this book for Christmas (they'll love you forever). Or just get yourself one! And as the Cranberry Sparkler is the ideal Christmas Cocktail, here's the recipe so you can knock your friends' socks off!

* * * * *

1/2 oz Cranberry Liqueur (by Edmond Briottet)
2 teaspoons of Cocchi Americano Rosa* (or sweet vermouth)
2 oz champagne (or cremant or Prosecco)


Combine the Cranberry Liqueur and Cocchi Rosa in a cocktail shaker with ice.

Stir, strain into a chilled champagne glass, and top off with champagne (or cremant/prosecco)

Serving suggestion: float a cranberry or two on top as a garnish. 

Voila! Sante!

* * * * *

*Cocchi Rosa is an aperitif-style Italian wine that can be purchased online or at good off-licences. It's worth seeking out as it has a much better taste in this cocktail than using another sweet vermouth. Although sweet vermouth will be tasty too, I'm sure.

Time Out asked 19 other bloggers and me what we love about London at Christmas time. So here's what we thought. You can check out little old me at No.15 raving about how lovely and festive a trip to Borough Market is when it is the season to be jolly, 'n all that... Ho ho ho!

Getting a seat on the London Underground can be quite a luxury, especially in rush hour. But how about a seat at a dining table, in a decommissioned iconic Victoria line tube carriage, whilst enjoying a 7 course dinner?  The carriage takes up to 20 diners, so either go alone and make friends with your fellow passengers, take a friend or two, or why not book the whole carriage for a party. There's even an on-site bar serving wine and cocktails. At €65 (approx £50) per person for a 7 course tasting menu, it'll be a night to remember. So why not indulge in fun-derground frolics and enjoy a dinner with a twist. For booking info, click here.

Last week I was interviewed by Shoreditch Radio for their 'Ditch Show' to give Miss Immy's Top 10 Eateries in East London. You can listen to it here

When Time Out asked me to contribute my Top 5 Secret London Spots to their 'Now Here This' blog, I didn't hesitate to get involved. It is a real achievement to know that my blog is being recognised, appreciated and acknowledged by such an established London publication as Time Out, and confirms that Miss Immy continues to go from strength to strength. And that's all down to you lovely lot, so thanks to all my readers. Now, read this!

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