Monday 8 November 2010

Blackheath Goes Bang

Autumn is in full swing, the pavements are strewn with crunchy, golden leaves and it's definitely feeling parky enough to dig out your hat and scarf.  It was perfect bonfire night weather on Saturday, as skies across the land illuminated in a giant frenzy of colourful, loud whizz, cracks and bangs.  My family and I ventured off to Blackheath in South East London which is re-known for hosting one of the best fireworks displays in the country.  And it didn't disappoint (apart from missing a bonfire).  
Sparkler Masters

As 70,000 people descended on the Heath, there was a wonderful air of camaraderie and anticipation as everyone excitedly twirled their sparklers and launched beautiful paper sky lanterns - some which went so high, they appeared to reach the stars.

The revellers all joined in the 10 second count-down, and so began the most spectacular fireworks which seemed to go on forever.  Hundreds of rockets exploding high into the air, filling the night sky with beautiful displays of gold, red and green splashes, circles, stars, twirls, all whizzing around, perfectly choreographed by the organisers.  It really was stunning and certainly one of the best displays I've been to.  



If you ever find yourself in South East London around 5th November  I highly recommend you go and see it for yourself.  And if you're organised, you can avoid the crowds, by booking a table for dinner afterwards at the Everest Inn which is brilliantly located, reasonably priced and serves excellent Indian Nepalese nosh.  Fireworks and a vindaloo.  It's a match made in heaven.

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