Monday 22 August 2011

Miss Immy's Boutique Tea Party

Last Sunday I invited a posse of girlfriends over for a Boutique Tea Party in the garden. I spent the day before, beavering away in my Cath Kidston-esque kitchen (full of pastel saucepans in which I convince some friends I make pink marshmallow soup...) I created a giant pavlova, an almond and orange cake and a delicious mackerel pate (recipe care of a certain Mrs Longsmith), then feeling pretty chuffed with my culinary antics, I sloped off to bed.

Sunday afternoon came and with the table set, the prosecco chilled, the boutique playlist blaring and the sun shining, it was time to get the Boutique Tea Party show on the road. A lovely lady called Poppy drove all the way up from Hampshire, and set up shop in the garden to sell her rather fabulous replica jewellery, which went down a storm. In fact, if you dear reader are interested in checking out her wares, just drop me a line here and I'll send you her contact details. My friend Uyen also set up a mini boutique in the sitting room, showing off her unique and stunning items of clothing and jewellery, all designed by her own fair hands. You can check out her designs here.

Then the girls started arriving one by one, all dressed in gorgeous frocks and armed with bottles of fizz, wine, quiche, cakes, tarts, cheese and Mr Kipling's fondant fancies. You name it, they brought it. One friend even turned up with a pizza and a packet of frozen fish fingers! And not to mention another who baked a delicious batch of chocolate whoopie pies that very morning. Not sure why they're called whoopie pies - possibly because they resemble a whoopie cushion. Or perhaps you just feel like yelling Whoopie! when you bite into one.

We all gathered in the garden and sipped fizz from bone china vintage tea cups and tucked into the amazing spread of sweet and savoury delights whilst being serenaded by boutique vintage tunes and the buzzing of humble bumble bees gathering en mass amongst the vast lavender bush behind us. And despite being a tea party, ironically no actual tea was harmed or consumed during the production of this tea party. Wine being the preferred beverage of choice.

The afternoon raced along and how we laughed, chatted and ate ourselves into a state of euphoria. Before long, it was time for guests to make their way homeward, this time armed with doggy bags, bundles of lavender and jewellery purchases.  Thanks to all you lovely ladies for coming over and making it such a fun afternoon. As Lou Reed would agree, it really was such a perfect day. And I'm glad I spent it with you...

Cake and salad for dinner tonight!

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Ute@HungryinLondon said...

Lovely post Immy for a wonderful tea party (without tea. Thanks for having me!

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