Sunday 27 March 2011

The Big Tweet-Up

Twitter is a funny old business. Loads of random strangers 'following' each other and regularly updating one another on their every move. But tweeting is fun and a great forum to meet some interesting people. So, whilst tweeting about new restaurants, secret bars, interesting plays and so on, I thought it would be a nice idea to engage in such banter with fellow Tweeters face-to-face, rather than tweet-to-tweet. I suggested to Jess (a Tweet chum) that we round up a posse of Twitterati and have a night on the town, enjoying cocktails and chinwags.

@TheOnlyTed, @TrueDeli (Henry),
Miss Immy & David C
@Madebythechef (Hulya)
@Bittenwritten (Zeren)
@Jess Latchford & Oliver
@TheOnlyTed, @TrueDeli, @alinstone
@fernandez&leluu (Uyen) and
@Fridayfoodclub (Lee
Uyen & The Alchemist
The Big Tweet-Up took place at Barts speakeasy (read my earlier post all about this excellent bar) last Thursday and was a huge success.  I emailed everyone instructions on how to find the elusive Barts and they all made it to the secret door, said the magic password and were greeted with a special rhubarb cocktail.  These cocktails were so popular, I think they were the star of the night! Not being a fan of rhubarb, I indulged in a few Alchemist cocktails which were delicious and tasted just like summer (cucumber and freshly mown grass!)

Even though a few of us already knew one another, it wasn't long until we were like a bunch of long lost friends, some carrying onto into the night for more drinks and ogling Jude Law no less! The most impressive guest was @jessmears who managed to down a couple of cocktails, disappear for a game of footie and return in time for round two!

@Dinehard (Neil), @Madebythechef (Hulya), @Bittenwritten (Zeren)
@luvfoodluvdrink (Pritesh) and @theboydonefood (William)

Emma D & David The Egg Man
Mmm, scotch eggs, cheese and ham
David, Lee, Miss Immy & Ted
The cocktails and conversation flowed; the scotch eggs and mini sausages were devoured, and the dressing-up box was raided.  It was a great evening and so nice to meet such a friendly gang. Now when I tweet, I can put a face to the name. I feel a Big Summer Tweet-Up BBQ coming on...

Barts speakeasy
@sarahbb1 rhubarb cocktail heaven
Miss Immy & True Deli Henry


@alinstone said...

Very good fun. Looks as if I left before the real dressing up carnage started... Sorry to have missed so many folk. Thanks again for organising.

Hulya said...

A fantastic evening!! Can't wait for the bbq!! Thanks for organising Immy and Jess xx

@sarahbb1 said...

Great night - amazing find of a venue, thanks for organising so expertly.

Jo said...

gutted to have missed it...looked fun!

Carrie said...

Hi! I would be up for coming to the next one please!

Ute@HungryinLondon said...

Oh I am so unhappy that I missed this! Next time ok? :)

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