Monday 11 April 2011

Saltoun Supper Club

Supper clubs are few and far between in South London, so it was wonderful to discover the Saltoun Supper Club. So good in fact, I've been there twice. Located in a cool, quirky flat in Brixton, the supper club is run by a lovely South African guy called Arno, who is quite clearly a very creative and interesting character.

The four course dinner was scrumptious on both occasions and included interesting dishes such as smoked ham with caramelised pear; cauliflower and parmesan gnocchi with truffle oil (totally amazing); duck breast with roasted root veg and the most exquisite ensemble of chocolate brownie with homemade peanut crackle and ice cream.  The ingredients are of a high quality and I would say his cooking competes with the standard of any good restaurant.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, Arno transforms his dining room into a 16 seater restaurant.  Cosy candlelight, interesting decor and a wonderful aroma of food, create the perfect welcoming ambience. I particularly like the way he has decorated one wall by delicately mounting a multitude of strange little artefacts in neat rows. Butterflies, a seahorse, a miniature wicker chair, a small pair of scissors and a giant plastic fly all parading in perfect harmony.

On both visits, I took some great friends (and my lovely cousin) along, who all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Arno is a fantastic host, and even though the kitchen is open plan, you really don't notice him, beavering away behind the scenes, working his magic, whilst his friend plays the perfect waiter, both so attentive and friendly.

After the starters, it is encouraged for diners to disappear up to the sitting room for a break. This lovely room with it's sloped ceiling, odd little 'Being John Malkovich' type doors and mountain of higgledy piggledy books against the wall, is a perfect place to retreat, play with Slinky and enjoy a glass of wine, before returning downstairs for the next course.

Arno's piece de resistance is his petit fours which he painstakingly creates with such incredible attention to detail.  The floral decorations on the white chocolate pieces alone, were a beautiful art form.

If you fancy eating some superb food in lovely, arty surroundings, I can't recommend Saltoun Supper Club highly enough.  Take some friends, take a few bottles of wine and go and treat your tastebuds to a night to remember.

Saltoun Supper Club, SW2
Wednesday & Thursday
Contribution £35 per head

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Ohh! You Pretty Things said...

absolutely love the food and the place here! love it!

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