Sunday 24 July 2011

The Truvia® Voyage of Discovery

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a press event promoting something rather special.  You see, there's a new sweetener in town and it's got all the lovely sweet taste of sugar and yet it's completely chemical-free, 100% natural and contains zero calories. No, really, I know it sounds hard to believe, but it's completely true. It's called Truvia® and it comes from the leaf of the stevia plant, found in the magnificent Iguazu Falls in South America. And now it has launched here in the UK.

So I braved the elements of another typical British summer downpour and headed off to sample its sweet delights on the roof top of Selfridges in the heart of London where the crazy guys at Bompas & Parr had built an amazing lurid green boating lake to row upon merrily (life is but a dream), complete with a miniature fantasy island.  There was a fantastic bar serving equally fantastic cocktails (all made with Truvia® of course) courtesy of the cocktail gurus from the Experimental Cocktail Club. Even Peter Cockroft, the BBC weather man was there, rowing away.

Try as it might, the weather couldn't dampen the high spirits, as guests engaged in enthusiastic banter,  marvelled at the magic of Truvia®, drank interesting cocktails (in exchange for special crystals) and rowed around on the lake,  I caught up with the eccentric Sam Bompas who was clearly pleased as a Singapore Sling Punch with his mad green lake achievement, and quite rightly so. It was a fun evening and I'd like to thank Bompas & Parr and the lovely bods at Kaizo PR for inviting me along. And a special thank you to everyone at Truvia® for producing such an amazing product. I'm sure it will be a delight to teeth and sugar-addicts everywhere. My stevia plant is looking very happy in the garden and I'm looking forward to sprinkling some Truvia® on my porridge tomorrow.


Jules Foreman said...

I also went to this, won tickets through a very special way ;-) Loved it, from the theatrically zany welcome from the staff, to trying to stay afloat in my rowboat in a silk dress and heels, to the exchange of crystals for cocktails. Was a truly wonderful, very different, very green(!) event x

Missimmy said...

So pleased you enjoyed it and glad you won my competition. Love an appreciative reader! x

Laila said...

I loved it so much. It was so surreal and all the staff were in character and really welcoming. They were really funny and really made it come alive.
Thank you so much for my tickets.

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Immy. Thanks for the Truvia Voyage tickets! It was great fun being above the busy streets sipping cocktails in a boat. I might as well of fallen in as the waterfall got me big time!

Chris Chance

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