Saturday 26 November 2011

Thanksgiving Feast at Bootleg Banquet

Having heard so many great things about Bootleg Banquet, I've been keen to attend one of their dinners for ages. So it seemed fitting to give it a first whirl for a proper feast like Thanksgiving.  The legend behind Bootleg Banquet is Pieter Maritz, who hails from South Africa and has established himself well and truly on the London food scene with his successful catering company, Pestle & Mortar. His passion for creating delicious food is evident, and when he's not busy catering for lavish functions, he's hosting fun, unusual supper clubs in the form of Bootleg Banquet.

Bootleg Banquet takes place in the Pestle & Mortar HQ, accessed by a small, unassuming entrance on a back street in Shoreditch. My friend and I made our way up the dark, dingy stairwell, feeling slightly apprehensive as to what the venue would be like. We were pleasantly surprised to arrive inside a gorgeous candlelit room where Pieter and his team greeted us with a warm welcome and a Camparini cocktail. 

Gradually, the diners arrived and we took our seats at the two communal tables which were beautifully decorated with an autumnal flair. The large open-plan kitchen made a great 'stage' for the diners to watch the dinner come to life. It was a fun, buzzy ambience with good music and a great crowd. The fellow diners on our table were a really friendly and interesting bunch and we all chatted away, whilst tucking into the most delicious dinner ever. The enormous turkey was cooked to perfection and all the trimmings did it complete justice. Not to mention the pecan pie. Even though it's an American tradition, I think we were all very thankful indeed to be indulging in such an amazing feast! 


Camparini Cocktail
Chestnut, Pancetta & Celeriac Soup
Roast Turkey with Pork, Sage, Walnut, Apple & Prune Stuffing
Purple Sprouting with Shallots & Bacon
Roast Garlic Creamed Potato
Roast Sweet Potato
Cranberry Sauce & Gravy
Homemade Cornbread
Pecan Pie with White Chocolate Ice Cream

My friend and I both agreed it was a splendid evening, and we left feeling very full and happy. It may have been my first visit to Bootleg Banquet, but it certainly won't be my last. And it's worth keeping in mind that Bootleg Banquet is also available for private hire, so could be the most perfect party venue.

Bootleg Banquet
Pestle & Mortar Catering
Twitter: @bootlegbanquet
£35-£40 BYO wine

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