Thursday 16 August 2012

Dach & Sons

I rarely make it to North West London, so when I was recently given the chance to review newcomer, Dach & Sons in leafy Hampstead, I didn't hesitate to check it out. I'd forgotten just how pretty Hampstead is with all it's hilly, winding roads and village ambience, so it was nice to return on a perfect summer's evening to check out the sliders, dogs, beers & bourbon and other such wares that this cool New York-inspired joint has to offer.

Informal and relaxed, Dach & Sons has a diner-style interior with a whole lot of wood, steel, tiles and neon going on. Pretty much everything at Dach & Sons (apart from the bread) is homemade and local. They've got a resident butcher who spends his days preparing all the patties and sausages with a secret formula to guarantee its uniqueness. Even the ketchup is homemade! The menu is all about sliders, hot dogs and a range of side dishes. I went for the trio of small and perfectly formed sliders which included one with bacon, lettuce & peanut jam, another with gruyere & dill and the other with salt beef chill & sour cream. Delicious. My friend indulged in a Chilli Dog which I gather was a hit. We had a side of frickles (beer-battered pickles) and some beef-dripping fries served in a mini fryer basket.

For the bourbon-drinkers amongst you, you're spoilt for choice as there are shelves creaking under the weight of all the various bottles of bourbon galore. If you'd prefer a cold beer to go with that dog n' frickles, then there are various beers and ales to choose from. As wine-drinkers, my friend and I opted for a very quaffable bottle of Viognier. Even though I didn't see it, I hear rumours that Dach & Sons boasts a roof terrace as well which makes it an even more perfect place to while away a sunny afternoon.

One of the best things about Dach & Sons is that it is also home to a secret speakeasy (and you know how much I love a speakeasy). It's simply called 'Flat P' and can be found upstairs. There's a big neon sign which flashes the word 'Lucky' and for those in the know, it means there is room at Flat P. But when the little red 'Un' is illuminated, it means it's full. Unlucky! P stands for Purl, as the team behind Dach & Sons are also the same guys who set up Purl in Marylebone, and the Worship Street Whistling Shop in Shoreditch. Both reknown for their dark, intimate interiors and excellent cocktails. We retreated up there after dinner to try out one of their concoctions. The cocktail menu is purposefully old and 'stained' with tiny print which requires reading with a giant magnifying glass which is thankfully provided.

I really enjoyed Dach & Sons, and am quite envious of all those local Hampstead residents who have it on their doorstep. The service is fast and friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and down to earth and the food and drinks are affordable and tasty. What are you waiting for?

Miss Immy was a guest of Dach & Sons

Dach & Sons
68 Heath Street
London NW3 1DN
020 7433 8139

Open 11am - 11pm
No reservations

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