Tuesday 7 December 2010

Friday Food Club

Having heard only good things about Lee & Fiona's Friday Food Club, I was particularly looking forward to checking it out for myself.  Plus the added bonus that they're situated in nearby Blackheath. After three days couped up inside due to the tricky Siberian elements, it was a relief to see the snow and ice finally start to melt as I embarked on my seven minute train journey to Blackheath with ease.

Lee & Fi have a gorgeous arty pad with high ceilings and giant windows in a lovely old arts centre, which lends itself perfectly as a cosy, atmospheric supper club venue. 
I joined a table with a sweet couple, Martin & Mo, and a cool hairdresser called Tom, who were all good value and very sociable dining companions. Our welcome glass of Cremant de Loire was a nice effervescent start to the evening, and went very well with the homemade pork scratchings du jour. Lee and Fi beavered away in their tiny kitchen - masters at work - hidden only by a discreet screen, which didn't prevent the tantalizing cooking aromas wafting in our direction.  

We started with the cauliflower veloute which was like a mini cauliflower cheese. Heaven in a cup.  Then came the most enormous, mouth-watering spiced Scotch eggs, served with chilled curry sauce and tomato chutney.  This dinner was proper hearty grub for a winter's evening and a pig-lover's delight, as out followed the glazed belly of Gloucestershire pork with Pomme Anna and fresh greens, which I have to say is one of the most delicious pork dishes I have ever eaten.  The meat was just so tender and succulent, and a lovely bottle of Chianti  (sans fava beans) was the ideal accompaniment .  We were all very happy campers. Happy as pigs in, er, gravy, in fact.

As if that wasn't enough, it wasn't long before Fi was clearing the plates and replacing them with an impressive regional cheese board and homemade individual apple Charlottes served with Creme Anglais.  Not being a mad fan of cooked fruit, I was slightly apprehensive about the Charlottes, but they were really good - especially the Creme Anglais.  Martin (a fellow diner) was celebrating his birthday, so Lee produced a candle-infested surprise for him which I thought was a lovely gesture. 

I looked at the clock and the hands had miraculously whizzed by at such a ridiculous speed, that it was suddenly time to bid my farewells and catch the last train.  Whilst retrieving my coat.... and scarf.... and gloves... and woolly hat, Fiona brought out a mountain of cellophane wrapped 'going home' muffins.  This went down very well with a cup of tea the following morning and was a pleasant reminder of the night before. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Friday Food Club and am thrilled they are my local supper club as I'll certainly be going back regularly.  Looking forward to trying the salted caramel panacotta some day too (nudge wink).  And I can't wait for their Big Secret Supper event in January.  Lee and Fi were amazing and I think I've made some nice new friends and even a new hairdresser!  Happy days.

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